Love. Live. Italian Olive Salad.

News from Olive Girl Cuisine! 
We are excited to let you know that Olive Girl Cuisine is back in production and ready to serve the masses with our healthy and delicious line of olive-based products. We are proud to be partnering with a California based 65-acre organic olive farm, and will soon be offering our private OGC line of some of the best "gold" award-winning EVOO, handpicked artesian olives and sweet clover honey, all produced and bottled right on the farm. Two brothers, one (100 years old) olive farm, and one harvest pretty much sum up how simple and pure we like to keep our products. 

Grassroots Efforts Meets Simple. Sustainability. Smart.
As most of our TB locals know, we started with a grassroots effort at local farmers markets, events and word of mouth. Strong popularity allowed us to flourish until we could no longer grow and for the past few years, we envisioned coming back with an innovative concept of how to distribute our products. Due to the complexity of our recipes and our hand-crafted processes, we knew we wanted to keep our business model simple, sustainable & smart!

Club O. Monthly Subscription, coming Soon!
We are excited to soon offer our monthly OGC Box, allowing everyone from our local community and throughout the USA to enjoy our wide selection of olive-based products. When ordering for your first time, your initial shipment will include either a free 16oz or 32oz glass mason jars for you to keep and replenish with our easy to use refill OGC packs. Each month after, we'll deliver your choice of Zesty, Mild or Spicy Italian olive salad, organic olives, whole, pitted or choose from our amazing selection of garlic, bleu cheese, almond or jalapeno stuffed olives, tasty 18yr God Father balsamic vinegar and a gold-winning 500 ml bottle of our delicious organic EVOO right to your door! Even better, you can tailor your "olive" box by choosing your desired products, the number of shipments and the frequency of deliveries. Our platform is designed to work not only with your schedule but your monthly budget, as well! We get it - sometimes, you just want a jar of our delicious olive salad and a spoon to make you happy :)   

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Bon Appetite! 
Olive Girl Cuisine